It All Starts With U



Street children and orphans are emancipated from abusers and traffickers, fed, clothed, educated and empowered to live productive lives.

Victims of poverty are empowered with training, education, skills, and employment opportunities to lead productive healthier lives and reach their full potential as individuals, members of a family, and members of a community.

Survivors of disaster are given relief and educated with job skills and supplies to be empowered to recover and support themselves in sustainable business.

Indigenous peoples are empowered through educational and economic development that creates peace in areas affected by military conflict.

Local victims of poverty and homelessness are helped with food and clothing, and educated and empowered with skills training.

Local communities are mobilized to engage in helping the poor in their areas.

The International Community at large is challenged to be engaged and mobilized to donate finances, time, and other resources to help emancipate, educate and empower the poor and disenfranchised, and they themselves are forever changed for the better in this process.


Justice—We believe strongly in and promote human rights--fairness and freedom for all.

Compassion—It’s our conviction that compassion is love in action and it is the Modus Operandi of our operations.

Excellence—We strive to execute all operations with a high quality of effectiveness and efficiency. 

Sustainability—We endeavor to create ongoing funding for each project through social entrepreneurship and other creative means.

Community—We believe that, as members of the community of humanity, we are responsible for, and accountable to one another, and that only in communities do we grow to reach our full potential. We engage communities to create conversations for change, and we connect donors and volunteers with those being emancipated, educated, and empowered to engage them in life on life experiences that change everyone in the process.

Creativity—We thrive on developing innovative solutions and foster an atmosphere of originality and individuality in our communities.

Substance—We address root causes and create effective projects that foster substantial real life change, and influence cultural reformation that impacts the future of communities.

Humility—We believe that humility is a conscious mindset that “It could be me” which fosters an attitude of acceptance and respect for oneself and for all humanity.

Value—We recognize the innate value of every person on the planet and treat all members of the Humanility team, our partners, and those whom we serve with love, respect, and dignity.

Convergence – We believe that the sum is greater than it’s parts and that none of us knows what all of us know. We believe that organizations and communities grow when they entrust themselves to the strengths of one other. We are committed to synergy and the multiplication and mobilization of an army of compassion to make the greatest impact possible in our generation and in generations to come.