Partner in a Project

As we work together, as partners in the community of humanity, to emancipate, educate, and empower victims of poverty, war, natural disasters, and human trafficking, there is often a need for special projects along the journey. When disasters strike, we must bring food and medical relief, and rebuild homes. To create the Mindanao Model for Peace, we must build schools and provide books and teachers for the indigenous children caught in these war zones. We also need to rent, renovate, or build shelter homes, and hire staff to operate these homes for street children and victims of human trafficking. As we initiate these projects, you will be able to see them on our website and partner in this project, either financially, or as a volunteer.  

*All donations are tax-deductible. 


Humanility envisions a world where every human being is loved, valued, and given the opportunity to reach their full potential in life. We emancipate and empower children at risk and victims of poverty, war, natural disasters, and human trafficking, through compassionate care and sustainable economic and educational development. When we see the suffering of those locked in the cycle of poverty, humility opens our minds to realize that "It could be me." Responsibility opens our minds to understand that change begins with me.

You can join the journey by sponsoring a child, empowering a family, or participating in a project. You can join the team by becoming an emissary, representative, or volunteer. Humanility believes that we are all members of the community of humanity, and enter this world with vulnerability, potentiality, responsibility, and accountability. You can learn more about this in our blogs and Humanility Manifesto. 

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