Mindanao Model For Peace

Mindanao Model For Peace & Prosperity

The island of Mindanao is covered with beautiful rainforests and rivers, and surrounded by the South-China Sea. It contains more than 50% of the raw materials and natural resources of the Philippines, yet many of the poorest regions in the country are on this island. For centuries, the many tribes of Mindanao have struggled for survival, and suffered through conflict between rebel factions and government troops.

There are very few schools for the indigenous children, and the literacy rate in many of the indigenous areas doesn't even exceed 5%. With minimal or no education, these children have little hope for their future, and some of them are forced, coerced, or convinced to join the rebel factions, trained to hate and kill, destroying their lives and damaging their country.

During the past three years, the founders of Humanility have been approached by many tribal chiefs of Mindanao and asked take on the challenge of developing their rainforest into environmentally safe businesses that will create sustainable economic development that will fund education for their children and a future for their people. They have also asked us to build schools in their areas to provide protection and education, and to empower their children to reach their full potential. 

We have accepted the invitation of the chiefs and indigenous leaders in order to address the root causes of war, poverty, and insurgency in Mindanao, and to stop the destructive cycles that have shaped 5 decades of conflict, corruption, and civil unrest. Statistics reveal that 90% of the insurgency in Mindanao takes place in indigenous areas that have been neglected, resulting in minimal or no health care, education or economic development. The facts further reveal that nearly 70% of the rebel forces in Mindanao are under the age of 17, and another 25% are indigenous peoples who are angry due to the conditions that keep them stuck in poverty. Only 5% of the rebels are hardliners who have stirred up the indigenous peoples and exploited them, fanning the flames of their bitterness to instigate and engaging them in their battle against the government.

Humanility is working with the indigenous leaders and other influential gatekeepers in the country of the Philippines to create a new Model for Peace and Prosperity in Mindanao. We believe that every school that we establish for indigenous children means less recruits for the rebels. We also believe that when the indigenous peoples are empowered to create sustainable agricultural and economic development on their land and throughout their rainforests, that they themselves will rise up to change history and remake Mindanao.

Please join our Rescue & Restoration - Economic Development & Education Revolution. Connect with us to ask how.